Brewmaster Queries

  • Secondaries and Armor have situational weights when tanking especially our mastery, when recommending gear on team optimizer wouldn’t it be counter-intuitive to assume a static build when assigning loot via percentage upgrades?

  • Is potent kick weights assuming live? Hot Blooded? should I hold off considering any changes?

  • Its a commonly accepted to stack haste until your rotation feels smooth/consistent to the player, why should Monks divert away from this?

  • Error parsing: = (SecondsUntilBigHit < 1 or HasBuff(ModerateStagger) or HasBuff(HeavyStagger)) and BuffRemainingSec(IronskinBrew) < 3 and (not HasBuff(BlackoutCombo) or BuffRemainingSec(IronskinBrew) < 1) and BuffRemainingSec(IronskinBrew) <= IronskinBrewBaseDuration * 2, message: This operator can only be used on numeric operands: * – potent kick error message when simulating?

1.) The Team Optimizer will use the gearing strategy you have chosen in your public profile, otherwise just fall back to our default. For 7.2.5 it will use our “auto” strategy which will be a collection of many strategies. You would have to set up the type of fight you want to base your loot on.

2.) The default strategies are based on live. There is a 7.2.5 build of the simulator available, and we’re in the process of making new gearing strategies.

3.) The default gearing strategy isn’t based on using Blackout Combo, which is the talent that really favors haste on live. Haste is one of those stats that “feels” good to a lot of people because they like to be GCD locked and execute a “rotation” while tanking, but, our simulations show that you won’t really keep yourself alive longer by doing so.

4.) I made an update to the rotation for 7.2.5, but it’s not compatible with the live version… set the “version” to 7.2.5.x and your simulation will run. Sorry about that.

As far as 7.2.5 is concerned would ‘auto’ strategy be more balanced or machine learning a 50/50 phys/magic 50% tanking uptime yield more realistic gearing compositions? basically how do I avoid skewed/biased data in terms of damage types and reflect that on Team Optimiser.

I’m pretty sure that Tomb will be physical-heavy for tanks, so the script I’d use right now is Spellblade.

Reading the tank stuff, I think blizzard stated that having a magic-heavy progression fight like Krosus lead to a lot of problems with tank balance.