Brewmaster Rotation could use some work

I’ve been trying to improve a bit on the default Brewmaster rotation, as the current one is abit of a joke in the BrM discord, same goes for the Simc one, but someone have already made a better one.
i took inspiration from the improved Simc rotation ([better Simc Brm rotation](pastebin com/iuTLEX1f)) and changed a few things to get This
For my character it is both an improvement for NPS and DPS ([Default rotation](askmrrobot com/wow/simulator/report/5dec5b68949545be93fb9054c4af91ee) | [My rotation 1](askmrrobot com/wow/simulator/report/272b5284d7064b038d965e0b47f5171e) | My rotation 2) but I’m having some problems getting it to even do the right rotation.
What i’m going for is a 7 second rotation consisting of KS-BoC-TP-BoF-BoC-TP-RJW repeat.
i’m getting problems with BoF being cast after KS when BoC should be off CD, BoF and RJW being cast one after the other and the rotation skipping 3 seconds without doing anything.
I dont realy know where to go from here with my rotation without it getting overcomplicated and me making WAY to many conditions.

(sorry for the bad links, was limited to 2)

You are right that I did not optimize the rotation for BoC that much yet.

If you create a rotation that does the strict sequence you want it to, over and over, the result is actually very sub-optimal. Here is the default:
681.8k DPS

Here is a rotation doing exactly what you said you want:
639.8k DPS

And here is the one you actually made:
715.9k DPS

The reason your rotation works better is because the strict sequence misses out on a lot of possible Keg Smash uses. You have enough haste, especially during bloodlust, to cut RJW out of the sequence completely.

Here I updated my edited rotation to skip over RJW like you did:
717.6k DPS

And, if you change talents to Special Delivery, you actually do 2k more DPS, since you spend all of bloodlust not casting RJW at all because it’s a DPS loss.

So, looks like you came up with a better rotation than you even meant to! I’ll update the default rotation to do more damage with blackout combo.

On the BrM discord we have a different rotation for lust, taken directly from PeakofSerenity: “KS>BoS>TP>BoF>BoS>TP>

as the BoF dot and RJW does close to the same dps and we can skip out on a gcd as lust reduces KS CD to 6 sec there is no dps gain in casting BoF if the debuff wont fall off before the next chance to cast it, if you make changes so it uses this rotation during lust i highly doubt Special Delivery will be a dps gain.

So, that rotation will let the dot drop for two seconds, since it only lasts 16 seconds. Here is a simulation doing what you suggest during bloodlust:
716.2k DPS

I can get RJW to do more damage if I change it instead to be a cycle like this (not during bloodlust):
KS, BoS, TP, X, BoS, TP, X, repeat.

“X” is RJW or BoF. Use RJW if BoF debuff will be up for 6 seconds. So, you don’t end up with a perfectly repeating rotation, but, you get slightly more damage. During Bloodlust I do what you said, except that I use BoF every other KS to make sure the debuff never drops:
720.5k DPS

Special Delivery still does more damage, though:
730.3k DPS

so just a little update beacuse i still dont find the BrM rotation optimal, and i’ve seen posts about the dps specs’ rotations you have being close to logs, and want this for my tanks dps too.
just did a sim of my combatlog, i did 769K dps, the sim did 601K dps.
this is far from accurate, i got a lower result with realistic margin of error (spell queue tine, player reaction delay, MS, lagg, etc.) but it was ~30K lower i think.

On the fallen avatar script in the simulator, there is no splash damage between the maiden and the avatar. That is probably accounting for most of the difference you see.