Brewmaster Rotation Tweaks

Dont know if this is the right place for this but… I have been tinkering with the Brewmaster Mythic+ Rotation. I think I made a few improvements it simmed better in both TUF and Death Chance for many talent setups. It should, of course, be reevaluated. Some of it is a bit nitpicky I changed Guard a bit to use it as a stop gap for when ISB is down. The also moved Rushing Jade wind down in priority. i found it really hurt Survivability keeping that up 100%. It dropped to 90% with my change but still did good dps. The main thing was just moving expel harm up in the rotation it was not getting used much in the base priority. Anyway let me know what you think I might have gotten a bit picky and it could be simplified but i think some of the changes would help mirror what actual brewmasters are doing/thinking.

Thanks for taking the time to post your ideas. Posts like this are what make creating the simulator fun for us.

So, I think you’re definitely on to something with the Expel Harm use, but it might not actually be exactly what you thought! You lowered the health threshold that it would be used at from 50% to 35%. That actually results in using it less often than the default rotation, but it was a lot more effective at keeping you alive. I played around with it some more and ended up moving it even lower: use it when below 25% health. That actually reduced my death chance the most. It only gets used a couple of times - but it gets used at those times when you really need it. Brewmasters can’t really get chunked down because of stagger, so letting your health get really low before healing isn’t quite as dangerous.

Moving Rushing Jade Wind down does make sense, so I’m going to make that change as well.

The Guard change didn’t really seem to affect the results, but it makes sense to allow it to be used under more conditions that I had it as well.

Yea I really was just playing with stuff. One thing I found interesting is that most guides suggest keeping ISB up 100% but anytime I tried that it was a worse situation. I think it has to do with GCD’s again and how its more important for survival to be able to purify than it is to have ISB up when taking heavy damage. I think looking into ISB vs Purify in more detail could be interesting.

From my point of view :
Usally every monks tanks i’ve saw in high MM+ key in Legion or in raid (some exception made here) are banning Expel Harm because you are suppose to walk on the orb and not consume them (and lose energy). We are not getting as mutch orbs as we had in Legion so the trade off between energy / healing doesn’t feel interesting.
To compare we would need to have a spell we can trigger consumming one orb and out off GCD but with a coldown (to get to the next orb).

For the 100% uptime on ISB i have no trouble keeping it. I bit of trouble if i have heavy stagger, some times i dont get to dispell it, with a bit more haste it would be better. More on it, melee attacks are the primary source of dmg taken currently on raid and MM+. Not having it 100% seems odd so it would be interesting to compare it specially on heavy dmg (raid mostly) where purify should be more interesting no?

Yeah, I was making some more changes to the rotation and I dialed back the purify to only purify when my health was getting below 50% and I had a heavy stagger. That seems to be a much more optimal use of the brew charges.

So in regards to walking into the orbs while that was the plan in legion, they have nerfed the orbs a good bit and they just don’t spawn as much so using expel harm when you have two orbs seems to be the go to.
Walking into them is fine as well. Another thing to look into is how to best optimize Black Ox Brew. While many are taking light brewing at this stage I do think black ox will get better as gear gets better. I believe currently you use it to extend ISB to max level. I looked into using it as a way of doing multiple purifies to get stagger down. While having 100% uptime on ISB is ideal I wonder due to the lack of haste most Brewmasters have (they think of it as their worst stat) if it is sometimes better to purify instead of keeping the 100%. What’s the point in staggering more if you will just die from the tick damage. I should say I main a healer so most of this is from that PoV. Also Purifying after a big hit is always better than purifying before one you end up in a better spot stagger wise.

I have found that aiming for 100% ISB uptime is not particularly useful/optimal. It needs to be up when you are getting hit hard, not when you aren’t. As long as you aren’t capping charges, it is safe to save the charges for when you know you’ll get hit hard.

Gift of the Ox still uses the same formula for when orbs spawn as they did in Legion. It is a function of the size of the hit you take and how much health you have missing when you get hit. Doing just regular mythics so far the spawn rate has seemed small because the hits being taken aren’t that big and health isn’t getting really low that often.

I completely agree with ISB not needing 100%. I did some more tinkering using some of what you described. I played with the health percent of PB and simplified some of the rotation removing some rules.

I dont understand how the health% can help ? I will only limit the number of use of purify ?
If i take a huge hit and go in heavy stagger, i need to purify instant not wait till i hit 45% life ?
Would we do somethings like : “keep at least a charge of brew, to use it if i go heavy stagger ?” On raid i this how do it (heavy hit comming => keep one brew) but in MM+ ?