Brimming Ember Shard for Hunter


I have a few different trinkets that could be used, but BiB is suggesting that my ilvl 158 Brimming Ember Shard is better than all of them for Marksmanship single-target, and before I recently bought the Darkmoon Deck: Voracity, BiB was also suggesting it for survival single-target as well. For all 3 specs, I have the Max On-use Items set to no limit.

It seems pretty unusual to me that this trinket would rank so highly, particularly due to the lower ilvl and the versatility stat on it. Is the on-use effect really that good, or is there an issue with the simulation and data for this trinket that you might need to fix?

I do not see anything off here. The ranking is correct according to the simulation data. I did a couple spot checks and it looks good to me.

I just looked at the wiki for this trinket, and it mentions that you can use other spells while channelling it, but when I use it, the channel is cancelled when I use another ability. Doing a quick google search, I found an entry on the hotfix list for 25th November 2020:

  • The Brimming Ember Shard trinket channel is now intentionally interrupted when casting another spell during the channel.

I’m guessing you didn’t update the simulation with this hotfix. That explains why BiB is valuing this higher than my other trinkets, despite it’s lower ilvl and lower priority secondary stat.

Would you be able to fix this trinket so it cancels the channel if you use another ability or not allow other abilities to be used while it is being channeled?

Yeah we’ll change that to be a normal channel.