Brutality Blade vs Iblis

I am a Fury Warrior.

Mr. Robot is telling me to use Iblis in my main hand over brutality blade. Iblis has a higher dps, but BB has higher damage.

Whirlwind and Heroic Strike benefit from that higher damage in the main hand weapon. Shouldn’t I have the slower weapon in the MH slot to get the benefit from the higher overall damage?


Dinulese, Herod, Alliance

We take all of that into account in the calculations. Slower main hand isn’t necessarily better. Yes, heroic strike will hit harder, but you also lose out on more rage from the auto attack replaced by that heroic strike, so it isn’t a totally straight forward calculation. The main reason a lot of people suggest a slower weapon in the MH is to try to game heroic strike queuing, but when we did the math on that we found it to be a nearly negligible effect.

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So does rage build differently between MH and OH?

Rage builds based on how much damage the hit does. Off hand damage does half damage.