Bug: Addon Equips Worse Weapons in Off-Hand

Used the auto equip best in bag feature in the askmrrobot addon and it auto equipped a 340 iLV weapon as my main hand and a much stronger 370 iLV weapon in the off-hand. Not sure why this is the case, as in the sim it clearly shows the 370 in the main hand, but when it comes to auto equipping it just F’s up big time. I raided 4/8 H with that crappy off-hand, until I decided to check all of my gear because it felt like I should be doing way more damage, and sure enough.

Kinda sucked, wondering if it’s a bug or something else?

I noticed sometimes if the weapons both have the same name, you might have to equip the set a couple times and it will try and frantically swap the weapons around a couple times till it gets it right.

I’m not sure why it would not equip the full set. If you open up the addon and click on the tab for that spec, you can see the “E” next to each item if it is equipped and then quickly tell if everything got equipped right or not.

Thanks a lot for the info guys!

I didn’t know about that ‘E’ for equip tip, I will be looking for that next time.