[BUG] AMR client using CPU outside of allowed time period

The task manager showed dotnet for the task name but properties pointed to amr.exe. This process was using a large amount of my CPU at 1400 when I’ve allowed 2300-0600. This is version 401. I haven’t noticed this behavior before in earlier versions. I have never asked for simulations on my own.

I think the glonet got stuck earlier today, I have killed the run that it was trying to do and I’ll try to figure out what went wrong with it.

I’m going to start it up again in just a little bit.

dotnet using 57% of my quad core CPU 4 hours after it is supposed to stop. This is one Glonet system that is leaving the fold until you get your act together.

Yeah, there is a gearing strategy stuck in the queue that we’re trying to get out. If you disable the glonet it won’t pick it up. I should be able to get it fixed up today.

When “should be” changes to “was”, I’ll consider re-enabling. i.e. I was positive confirmation that the bug is fixed.

I fixed the bug yesterday. Glonet is glowing again.

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