Bug: AMR didn't/doesn't recognize valor-upgradeable piece as upgradeable

Snapshot fa2adef9fee24af29b61addf45554d88

Got an Embrace of the Relicbinder chest in the new season off of So’leah, in M+ Taz: Streets
It was 1/12 at drop.

AMR wouldn’t recognize it as valor-upgradeable, though it had the piece in inventory.

In-game, I upgraded it to 4/12 and sent a new inventory to AMR, still not recognized.

Took it out to ZM and converted it to tier; still 4/12, still not recognized as valor-upgradeable.

Snapshot is from just after the Creation Catalyst conversion to tier.

(I also have a 12/12 tier chest from the previous season that currently has the same iLevel as the 4/12 - otherwise identical except for enchant - tier chest. But the “not recognized as upgradeable” was happening all along since drop, so I doubt that other copy is relevant…)

Some of the new M+ gear it is a little tricky to determine if it can be upgraded, though I’m a bit surprised by the Tazavesh item… I’ll take a look today as we’re working through the hotfixes as well.

This bug will be fixed in the website update later tonight – thanks for the report.

edit: you will need to re-import your character from the addon after the website update to get that item to update to the correct version.

Yep, that fixed it, looks good.