[BUG] BiB suggests int weapon to prot pally


my Prot Paladin has a Biomelding Cleaver [ilvl 370, STR, CRIT, VERS] and a Stagheart Gavel [ilvl 375 + socket, INT, HASTE, MAST] and BiB Optimizer is suggesting the Stageheart Gavel. The Biomelding Cleaver is only 0.12% worse than the Gavel.
There has to be something really wrong with your algorithms when an int weapon wins over a strength weapon.


If you post your addon export string we can take a closer look.

Though it feels pretty “wrong” to do that… heh, it’s probably not that far off. The extra socket to get a strong secondary stat, and the fact that the gavel has more-favored secondary stats already… I could see that making the weapons close-ish in value for a pure toughness build. Strength doesn’t scale as well for prot paladin compared to secondaries as some of the other tank specs.