Bug: can't create a Survival setup


I’ve got 3 MMs, 2 BMs and 0 Survival setups, and currently get a pop-up saying I can’t create any more when I try to create a new Survival setup. As I read that message, I should be able to create a 6th setup, the only one for that spec.

I had had a Survival setup and deleted it long ago; I’ll randomly guess that either there’s a counter inc/dec problem, or the ghost of the old Survival setup is getting counted inappropriately.

Not in urgent need of a fix, personally; I’m shifting back to BM from MM for M+ and am planning to explore Survival weeks later in this patch, never seriously played it and wanted to see what new gear I needed for it.

If you load up this snapshot and click on the Survival spec icon at the top of the page to the right of your character name, does it automatically add a Survival setup at the end of the list, or give you the same error message?