Bug: Chronikar's Ceremonial Saber 463 is recommended over 467

Snapshot ID: 2ad8e89c361944fcb8fddfcce65b235e

The Chronikar’s Ceremonial Saber 467 seems strictly better than the Chronikar’s Ceremonial Saber 463 for off-hand.

It might be because the 463 item has Indestructible on it. But it makes no sense to me that this would be considered so good in Mythic+.

We don’t give any value to indestructible… unless two items are otherwise identical, then we use it as a tie-breaker.

I’ll take a look at this case… it seems to be hitting a very specific level of haste causing the calculation for the T31 4-piece bonus to do something weird. We’ll fix that in the next website update.