Bug crashes AMR


AMR is calsing ui errors and WOW suggsets disabling it. bug sack offers the foillowing

3x [ADDON_ACTION_FORBIDDEN] AddOn ‘AskMrRobot’ tried to call the protected function ‘UseAction()’.
[string “@!BugGrabber/BugGrabber.lua”]:485: in function <!BugGrabber/BugGrabber.lua:485>
[string “=[C]”]: in function UseAction' [string "@Blizzard_FrameXML/Mainline/SecureTemplates.lua"]:364: in function handler’
[string “@Blizzard_FrameXML/Mainline/SecureTemplates.lua”]:690: in function <…ddOns/Blizzard_FrameXML/Mainline/SecureTemplates.lua:672>
[string “@Blizzard_FrameXML/Mainline/SecureTemplates.lua”]:704: in function <…ddOns/Blizzard_FrameXML/Mainline/SecureTemplates.lua:697>
[string “@Blizzard_FrameXML/Mainline/SecureTemplates.lua”]:746: in function SecureActionButton_OnClick' [string "@Blizzard_ActionBar/Mainline/ActionButton.lua"]:100: in function TryUseActionButton’
[string “@Blizzard_ActionBar/Mainline/ActionButton.lua”]:135: in function `ActionButtonDown’
[string “ACTIONBUTTON11”]:2: in function <[string “ACTIONBUTTON11”]:1>

_ = Frame {
RegisterEvent = defined @!BugGrabber/BugGrabber.lua:491
0 =
UnregisterEvent = defined @!BugGrabber/BugGrabber.lua:491
SetScript = defined @!BugGrabber/BugGrabber.lua:491
events =

ADDON_ACTION_BLOCKED = defined @!BugGrabber/BugGrabber.lua:557
ADDON_ACTION_FORBIDDEN = defined @!BugGrabber/BugGrabber.lua:557
PLAYER_LOGIN = defined @!BugGrabber/BugGrabber.lua:551
LUA_WARNING = defined @!BugGrabber/BugGrabber.lua:566
ADDON_LOADED = defined @!BugGrabber/BugGrabber.lua:511

I don’t see any lines there that actually come from our addon, and a search through the source code of our addon finds no calls of “UseAction”. Sometimes bugs get attributed to the wrong addon if they use shared libraries, and ours is high in the order alphabetically so it often loads first.

Do you maybe have a custom script or macro calling one of our methods? That could be burying the stack trace maybe…

hmm, will have to look at it.

i still have the issue and disabling amr stops the “an add on is causing issues” popup. i’ll test if the other addons might be the cause