Bug: Different enchant same weapon (for different specialisation)

I have an issue with Best in Bag. For my 2 spec (havoc & vengeance).
I have a weapon 350 which is Best in bag for my both spec.
But instead of “blocking” the enchant for my main spec, it gives me one enchant (Gale) for havoc and another one for secondary spec (Haste)


Another issue.
When i try, on my secondary spec, to lock enchant to Gale, when I click on re-optimize, it goes back to Haste (with it locked) instead of locking Gale.

You don’t happen to have two of the same weapon in your inventory?

I have 2 of them, but one 350 and one 340.

Could you post your addon export string so that I can try to replicate your case? The string you copy from the addon to the website.