Bug found - Not sure what to do?

I have the Lustrous Golden Plumage trinket.

205 Agility and 721 vers on use for 20sec.

I got the Dread Gladiators Medallion.

205 Agility and 720 vers on use for 20sec - also with a socket.

Best in bags says the Lustrous Golden Plumage is still better?
Whats up with that?

Do you have multiple specs enabled in AMR and what’s your priority on them if so?

If you share your addon string so can we take a better look.

Hey, I dont think so?
I mean I haven’t changed any of the default settings really. Unfortunately now I have got a few new pieces of gear so the string has changed. But it was really weird that it was saying it wasn’t an upgrade, it definitely was.

For future knowledge anyway, your priorities can be seen on the left.


If an item is being used by #1, it won’t be used by #2 if it requires to change the gem/enchant on said item.