Bug: Fury Warrior Weapon Selection

Snapshot ID: ae4a76c028ac4f8693f023c76bd41b6a

If this has a fix underway, I apologize. However, I could not help but notice that Flurry Axe (MH) and Felstriker (OH) are being suggested over Deathbringer, Crul’shorukh, Rank 14 Weapon, Doom’s Edge and other BIS Axes.

It is somewhat common knowledge that (Phase 2) Death Bringer (MH) and Flurry Axe (OH) are BIS for Orcs.

In Phase 3, somewhat debatable if MH or OH, Crul’Shorukh pairs with either Deathbringer or Doom’s Edge for Orcs in order to achiever maximum DPS output.

As you can see on the printscreen below, Doom’s Edge and Deathbringer are nowhere to be found among the top upgrades.

There is a well known Discord for warrior’s theory crafting and all sorts of other information. Within, there is a spreadsheet Proc informations and which one has been validated.


There is also a DPS Simulator for Classic going around which utilizes the information derived from the Discord above.

I’m still working out a few things with warrior optimization, should have another update shortly.

I was using a much higher proc rate for the flurry axe… if I take it down to around 5%, it won’t ever be picked as a BiS item. I don’t see how it could be at that low of a proc rate.

The thing is, Flurry Axe is a BIS weapon on Off Hand paired with Deathbringer for Phase 2. This was probably mentioned before, but Flurry Axe procs the MH weapon even if it is used on Off Hand.

Yes, my calculations have the flurry axe proc’ing the main hand. I would need to see the math that shows it as a BiS off hand weapon. I don’t think the numbers are there.

People should lock it in if they want to use it, but I can’t figure any math that makes it get picked as BiS for the off hand.

Another thing, I’m not sure if AMR is considering this, but Weapon Skill also reduces the chance of Glacing Blows, which is pretty much more important than “just” hit.

Yes, we take that into account as well.

For clarification, nothing reduces the chance of getting a glancing blow, that is always 40%. Weapon skill reduces the damage reduction of a glancing blow so that they do more damage.

You are correct! :slight_smile:

I’ll keep posting whatever I see.

Thank you so much for the effort!!

I believe more people were using the AV rep axe in the OH over Flurry axe. The ability to also use a crit stone on the OH was a nice increase as you can’t use it on the Flurry axe due to item level.