Bug — Gear Set Saving Incorrectly

Describe the bug
It is possible to confuse the addon into assigning one spec’s gear set to two different specs.

To Reproduce

  1. Import a string containing two distinct gear sets for any two specs. I used a Shadow and Holy set for my priest.
  2. In the addon’s Gear tab, select a spec from the dropdown.
  3. Press the Activate and Equip button.
  4. While your character is casting Activate Specialization, select the other spec drop the dropdown.
  5. As soon as the cast completes, click Activate and Equip again, before AMR finishes equipping gear.
  6. The gear set for the last set chosen is now saved under both spec’s names in the Blizzard Equipment Manager.

To use an example, in other words: beginning in Shadow spec, start the switch to Holy, then command AMR to reverse course as soon as the cast completes and before Holy gear is actually equipped and saved. After the second cast, Shadow’s set is saved in both slots.

Which version of AMR are you using?

Thanks for the report – I don’t think we’ll be able to do much about that in the short term with how the addon is written though, we can look at improving it sometime after Dragonflight has launched.

In the meantime, you should give it a second or two to swap all the items after your spec change completes. Unfortunately it is not as fast as the in-game equipment manager because of a really annoying catch 22: we can’t create a blizzard equipment manager gear set… until we first equip all the gear! So we can’t actually use it as a mechanism to swap gear around, we have to write our own, and the addon api for doing so is very clunky… tough to deal with unique constraints, etc.