Bug in BiS Optimization?

It tells me my BiS is an ILV lower than the same item of higher iLV “Life Bound Bindings”. Not sure if this is messing up the rest of the optimization. Also noticed it doesn’t show certain pieces in the drop down menu for example the neck “Wolfstrider Pendant”; which I know is BiS or very close to it if not. Does it not show pieces below a certain threshhold of downgrade or something? Makes me wonder if it’s even actually optimizing all available items in the pool.

I’m using settings which allow no constraints on the gear pool, so the best gear available in the game.

without a string to see what you are looking at I have to ask… did you check the items for the stats on them? all crafted gear can have different stats on them, or embellishments, or other various things that may value a specific stat. did you make sure that you picked the right embellishment in the upgrade finder drop down box? if you picked an embellishment that is ineffective to hps, then it could be valuing the hps embellishment.
but yeah those are a few things that could be messing up your upgrade finder. post a help string so someone can look at it though to make sure it’s not doing something wonky.
click on the help button above upgrade finder and then generate a snapshot id and post it here.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll check that out.

Ok so here’s my snapshot. And yeah something is def wrong, probably my filters but it could be something else.


When I go to replace a head it shows me a 372ilv head before it shows a 405ilv mythic+ 20 BiS head piece. Not sure why it’s excluding these out of the pool as, like I said, I set all my filters to pretty much allow all gear, other than “force set bonus”.

Very confusing. Or am I supposed to go through and add item level and sockets to each piece individually? If so, that’s not very practical, and what is it taking into account when optimizing then? I would think it would compare the best forms of every piece of gear given my filters don’t set any constraints.

All help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time!

Another example here that just makes it more confusing and maybe adds another data point. It’s telling me to equip a 3 socket of a 405 item, when in the side menu the 402 lariat with 3 sockets is .53% better.

Why not just reccomend the lariat to begin with (they’re both 3 socket)? Isn’t it supposed to be recommending best in slot? Do I have to individually go in and set the settings for every single piece to get a proper comparison?

I also noticed it doesn’t include the 415ilv max valor rank 13/13 mythic+ gear in the optimizations or the filters. At the end of the day, I’m not seeing how useful the tool is if it’s not optimizing for the gear I’m supposed to be working towards. I just want to know the BiS gear for my spec in order to know what content to do and work towards that. At the moment I feel like I can’t trust what it’s showing me and therefore can’t make a plan to commit limited resources to the gearing process.


I love the interface, multitude of filtering options, BiB feature and trust the algorithm and simming proccess of AMR, just confused on what it’s actually taking into account. Thanks for your time.

When looking at the per-slot item lists for BiS, make sure to set the M+ filter on the right side of the list. You can filter those lists independently of the settings you used to optimize for BiS.

As for the neck, the optimizer already picked 2 items with embellishments, so it can’t equip the neck at the same time. The per-slot lists just give a fast ranking of the items and don’t take into account every nuance of combining it with other gear. The BiS optimizer will handle these things like unique constraints though. Same with Best in Bags.