Bug in pawn string creator

Hello AMR team. I have a problem. I see that u guys do function to build healers in dps or healing. So if u change slider to left side (Full offense) pawn string do not change from Full healer stat weights to Full offensive.This makes it very difficult to collect the correct items for further optimization with AMR site. Im using AMR site for optimze my holy paladin for full dps and see this https://prnt.sc/vwygis and got this pawn string ( Pawn: v1: “Корбендетка - Holy”: Class=Paladin, Spec=Holy, Avoidance=0.02, CritRating=0.48, HasteRating=0.19, Indestructible=0.01, Intellect=1.53, Leech=0.06, MasteryRating=0.62, MovementSpeed=0.01, Versatility=0.51 ) . I dont need mastery for full dps holy paladin. Sorry for my eng. I really hope that you will understand me.

Yeah I might need to update the pawn export to handle the new DPS option for healer specs… I’ll try to do that in the next website update.

Big thanks! :slight_smile: