Bug: lower ilvl shown as better for same item


I’ve been using the Gear Explorer to check for upgrades and have noticed a problem on a particular item. When I look at Moonshatter Gauntlets the different ilvl version don’t appear to be calculated correctly.
If I set the ilvl to 895-900 it is shown as an upgrade for me, ilvl 905-930 are shown as downgrades and then 935+ is once more shown as an upgrade.
I check that stats shown and they look correct, both on the item and on the character sheet. So it appears that it’s just the % difference that is calculated incorrectly for whatever reason.

I’m not sure if there is a way to link to a particular gear set or anything like that, but I’ve included the result of “Export to Addon” in case the issue is only evident at particular stat values.

Strange… could you give me the string of data that you copy from the addon to the website in order to load your character? Then I can try to reproduce the ranking that you are seeing.

I’m not using the add-on, I just loaded my character from the armory and started browsing gear per slot.

I see what is happening… the default strategy that we have right now for prot paladin switches to a different method below average ilvl 890, because it is too far from ilvl that was used to create it, and weird stuff starts happening. Once the gloves get to a high enough ilvl to make your average ilvl 890 or higher… it switches over to a different scoring method, and it causes a bit of a discontinuity in the scoring…

I’ll give some thought about how to smooth that out as we move to replacing the default with our new “adaptive” strategies for tanks.

In the meantime, you should see that weird “jump” go away if you get your average ilvl to 890 or higher.

Thanks for the information, I’ve just about reached that ilvl so hopefully it will clear up.