Bug Report: Best in Bag item error


The best in bag feature currently keeps suggesting that I replace a clearly superior weapon with green items 100 itemlevels below or even that I simply play with an empty slot instead of using it. The item is clearly not being recognized or there is a bug otherwise.

The item in question is “Kelada’s Elucidation”, an itemlevel 350 BoE world drop.

Import string from addon:

63;EU;Blackmoore;Akaziá;Hüter der dunklen Flamme;4;1;120;15;13:1,15:150,12:1,1:150,3:150;2;.s1;25;;.s2;26;2212222;.s3;27;;.q2;153685s11b3374b1554x154126e5938;1s12b-1575b1575x0e0;4262s6b-3436b3289b22;26s5b-3301b3283a280284;1s8b-3278b3274b22;33s10b-4761b1460b3283b17b1x0e-5;5s9b-3296b3278b18;28s1b-3286b3618a-2608a-2984;2s3b-3648b3298a5710;32s2b-3285b3432b1b3;1050s13;220s7b-3439b3281b7;314s17b-3278b3271b5b19x-418e31;875s15;579s14b-3295b3274b22;2848s16b-3331b3314e1;.inv;6948;102128;7353;19921;5096;159;10900;0;1;0;1;1;1;1;1;1;0;1;66;0;89;2229;1;1;706;24;2283b1512b3273b18;248b-3296b3278b18;0b-3296b3278b18;50;541;38;64;7

Sometimes weird stuff happens if the weapon is inappropriate for your spec. In this case, it has no agility on it.

Once you get some weapons with the proper stats for your spec, it should resolve issues like this.

The weapon is hardly inappropriate just because it lacks agility and you can’t tell me that this is expected behaviour. The weapon is clearly superior and AMR even recognizes that different weapons will be a major DPS loss, yet still suggest to use them.

This is clearly a bug and should be addressed with more than “oh just get a better weapon”. Until raids open, this is a top tier weapon.

I’m inclined to agree with a site developer/programmer on this one when a Rogue uses a STRENGTH Axe and their site recommendation system is not set up for Rogues to use Str. as a primary stat.

There is a case for higher iL is better, but when the item in question goes against core thinking for the Class you play, simply put ‘you’re wrong’… and expecting the people who built the site functionality to roll over & play dead on the whim of one user is laughable.

Put it this way… if you look at the item on this Rogue & Strength is greyed out, is that not an indication that ‘you’re doing it wrong’…?

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I can see the argument for it and against it.

Obviously you want to use an item with agility but that being said, the item he’s using, even without agility is still just as good as a 325 weapon from heroic, almost as good as a 340 from mythic.

but it’s definitely not a “top tier weapon” for you, maybe for a 1h strength class it is.

Playing with an empty slot is definitely not acceptable either, so I definitely think BiB should take into account a weapon you have on but isn’t quite for your spec and at least score it appropriately until you have something that beats it. In OP’s case, you could probably get a 325 heroic weapon and it would be just as good. Definitely a 340 would be way better.

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Would it be better if cases like this didn’t happen? Definitely. It all comes down to a matter of time though… there are only so many things that we can get done, so we have to prioritize. Right now, fixing edge cases like this that are not super relevant for max-level characters tends to get pushed to the bottom of the list.

It is on the list though, so we’ll take a look at it when we can.

I had a few minutes and was able to test this case some more… might be able to fix it in next update.

Just to give you a ballpark though: any 325 weapon with agility will be within about 1% estimated DPS of this 350 weapon without agility. And any 340 weapon with agility will be better.

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