Bug Report: Heroic Item not chosen as an upgrade compared to Normal Item

I have a Normal Version of Mawsworn Eciscerator’s Cuirass equpped however BIB is not recognising my new heroic version as an upgrade.


I’m not totally sure why it isn’t picking the heroic piece. It has something to do with how it changes the secondary stat distribution. Haste is a tricky stat in the healing optimization. If you are doing an optimization for a mana-limited healing situation (which is what we do), adding haste can actually reduce the total amount of healing you do in some cases.

This is falling on some small edge case where it’s getting slightly less total output with the setups that use that heroic piece. You could lock it in and optimize around it.

We’re going to be recalculating the strategies soon for 9.1.5 anyway, I’ll see if we can smooth out the data a little bit in this case, since getting more of the same stats you have shouldn’t lower the score.

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