BUg report - Lua error

1x AskMrRobot\ui\Ui.lua:393: Usage: GameTooltip:SetHyperlink(link)
[C]: in function SetHyperlink' AskMrRobot\ui\Ui.lua:393: in function <AskMrRobot\ui\Ui.lua:390> (tail call): ? [C]: ? [string "safecall Dispatcher[2]"]:9: in function <[string "safecall Dispatcher[2]"]:5> (tail call): ? ...aceAskMrRobot\Libs\AceGUI-3.0\AceGUI-3.0-36.lua:314: in functionFire’
AskMrRobot\ui\AmrUiLabel.lua:45: in function <AskMrRobot\ui\AmrUiLabel.lua:44>

I am so sorry this was in my moderation queue bc the system thought it was spam. I didn’t see it until today and I didn’t mean to leave you hanging. We’ll look into this.

I first need to know: what were you doing when this error happened? That will help us figure it out.