BUG: Results show no gear equipped

  1. Go to simulate on the website.
  2. I went to Test Combinations
  3. Picked a generic character. In my example: Destruction Warlock
  4. Clear each item by tapping the trash icon. In my example: I cleared the Main Hand, Off Hand, Neck and Shoulder, then replaced the Main Hand with Gnarled Staff of the Elder Shaman, Neck Interplanar Keystone, and Shoulder with Mantle of the Demon Star
  5. I then simulated:
  6. Results show no gear was equipped for the slots I replaced an item for (main hand, neck and shoulder)


After doing more digging, it only happens for classes that can equip different types of weapons.

For example:

The generic Destruction Warlock equips a Mainhand and Offhand weapon. If you change that weapon to a 2h staff, then it bugs. But, if you change their weapon back to a 1h and offhand, it starts working again (e.g. if you change their weapon from 1h dagger and off hand to a staff, it doesn’t work. If you change it back from 2h staff to 1h dagger and off hand, it works again.)

This bug is repeated for Mage. If they initially used a 1h weapon and off hand, then you switch it to a 2h staff, then the simulator shows no gear.

This also happens to Frost Death Knight as well. They start with two 1h weapons. If you change those two 1h weapons to one 2h weapon, like 2h Sword, then the items show none.

It seems to be a bug that happens specifically when you change their weapon type, either going from 2h to two 1h weapons, or two 1h weapons to one 2h weapon.

It also happens for monk if you switch from two 1h weapons to a 2h staff, and any other class that has multiple weapon types.

Hope that makes it clearer.

Thanks for the report – I’ll look into it. Dealing with different types of weapon combinations is actually a bit of a pain… it’s probably getting into a state where it thinks the gear combination is invalid and then not skipping over it and getting back to the valid combinations.

I have tried and failed over the years to petition Blizzard to make just one weapon slot!

Version 1618 of the simulator should resolve this issue.