BUG: Sub Rogue - Won't Recognize All Off-Hand Weapons

snapshot: 958da84861164b098c003ef20be61eaf

When optimizing Subtlety Rogue, AMR only considers daggers in off-hand - yet Subtlety allows any one-hand weapon in the off-hand slot. I need AMR to select the off-hand w/ best stats. Meanwhile, tried to customize off-hand - by excluding daggers – but that doesn’t work as only daggers appear in AMR’s list of available off-hand weapons. Please fix. Thanks! :slight_smile:

We don’t consider non-daggers in the off hand for sub rogues because it is significantly sub-optimal to do so. Sub Rogue benefits from the faster attack speed due to shadow techniques. The paltry increase in stats you might get from a higher ilvl off hand and the off hand white damage is not going to make up for the loss in combo point generation. At best maybe you’ll even out if you had a much, much higher ilvl off hand that was a slower weapon.