Bug with blacksmith crafted honorable gear (spear)

Hi there - great addon and happy subscriber here

but I just crafted myself a 310 honorable spear and that 2 hander isn’t showing up at all even if I click on the suggested lower level 2hander… how come ?

If you own some lower-level crafted gear and run Best in Bags, it should show up as an option in your bags and tell you to equip it if it is an upgrade. Are you not seeing it in your weapon list if you click on your main-hand weapon after running best in bags?

Check to see what Crafted is set to in what gets considered when you run BiB - not sure what the default is, but if it’s set to ‘None’ (for whatever reason) Honourable Spear won’t get seen/acknowledged.

There aren’t any filters like that for Best in Bags – it always looks at all of your gear.

it was my bad, the gear is agility and that was on my paladin!