Bug with the new forums

I noticed that the new header bar (Gear Simulator Addon Blog Forum) disappears under some circumstances. The time I noted it doing so was on the profile page. It would appear as I scrolled, and disappear when not scrolling.

I’m not the forum builder nor a maintainer here, but as a software (web) developer having to deal with bugs often.
It could help to describe what you were doing prior of the bug happening, what browser you’re using, operation system (version) and all that good stuff.
That way the maintainers/developers might be able to recreate the issue and thus have something to go on to fix it.
Also what might help, when the bug happens, open de dev-tools of your browser (Usually F12 if you’re on windows, or CTRL+ALT+I on mac) and copy+paste whatever you see in the console-tab.

If you need any help with this, feel free to contact me directly as well

This particular forum package makes it pretty hard to customize the header… might be a couple cases where it is misbehaving because I essentially had to hack it into the forum’s default behavior. Yeah it seems to not quite work on the profile page… but it is more or less working on most of the main post pages. I think that I would have to poke the developers of the forum software to modify a few things to make it smoother…