Bug with upgrade finder for Holy Priest not showing any upgrades


I use AMR extensively for all of my characters. Recently having a problem with Holy Priest in aoe set-up.
For example; With the Necrolord covenant, and gearing strategy set to Mythic plus - mostly hps, the upgrade finder shows no upgrades, only major downgrades, even though just about everything can be upgraded.
When I switch covenants, the upgrade suggestions vary widely and make little sense.
I have posted my snapshot at the top of this post.

Which upgrade finder search are you doing, specifically? I see some gear showing up as an upgrade when I do something like a mythic 13 vault upgrade finder search.

I should have been more specific. It was the valor upgrades that I was having problems with. As of today (after an update), it is now showing upgrades (not just downgrades), with the Necrolord covenant, which is great. The valor upgrade suggestions for the Necrolord covenant though is very different (both gear and percentages) than the other 3 covenants, making it difficult to follow.
Thanks for looking into it…