[Bug] - Wrong Spec

The AskMrRobot site is constantly trying to switch my mage’s spec to Fire when it should be Frost. I’ve imported data from the addon while Frost is active, logged out as Frost, confirmed my Armory profile shows Frost, and set Frost as the first priority on any places on the AMR site I could find. Yet whenever I refresh the page, or reload the character from the recent list, it switches back to Fire. Also, when I set everything back to Frost and use the Best in Bags tool, the results show Frost as it should, but the export to addon string for Pawn gives Fire stat weights.

If you are in frost in-game, and import from the addon, it will switch you to frost after importing. If you click on your character name at the top-left of the page, it opens up a picker where you can change the spec you are viewing. The spec “priority” is used to control which spec is most important to you for optimization. It won’t change the spec you are currently viewing.

This is a bug report… I’m not asking how the basic features work.

Might be related to one of the other recent posts – you could try checking one of those threads for more detail, working on a few fixes. Or, if you think that your issue is different than one of those threads, go ahead and post your addon export string and steps to reproduce, and we’ll take a closer look.

If any issues persist, please respond in the patch thread.