Builds not saving talents anymore


For best in bags:

Whenever I look at my different builds since 10.1, they don’t save talents anymore and flop around between different talent sets. Every time I import a new string, my Last Resort profile always changes to my m+ talents, and my havoc m+ build always changes to my Havoc raid talents. I will have to flip between these for several minutes sometimes before the stay and I can get an accurate scan. If I don’t catch the talents not saving, then I have gotten different scan results. I know it’s not the biggest deal, but it’s becoming frustrating and time consuming flipping through constantly resetting the saved talent builds

It looks like you are using the feature where you have chosen Blizzard in-game talent loadouts on your setups. For example if you click edit talents on the website for your Vengeance M+ setup, you’ll see in the loadouts picker at the bottom of the page you have “M+” chosen. Whenever you import from the addon, it will try to keep the talents on this Best in Bags setup in sync with the “M+” loadout in-game.

If you want to stop it from doing that, press “reset all”. Then you can manually choose talents or press “use last imported talents” to load the last vengeance talents we saw on your character in-game. The “loadouts” picker will be empty, indicating that this setup is not linked to any particular in-game talent loadout anymore.

If the issue is that the talents aren’t actually matching your in-game talent loadouts… let me know. The addon API for reading and loading Blizzard’s talent loadouts in-game is very bad and it’s possible they changed something with 10.1.

The issue is moreso everytime I select the talent I want, for example the M+ or Last Resort builds, Best in Slot clears out the build I just selected from the drop down if I move to another build to select the talents that it previously reset. Another common occurance is that it will flip them around a lot. For example, a lot of the times in Best in Bags for my Havoc M+ build, the second I press run sim, it swaps the talents to my raid build or vice versa. When I select a different build to readjust the talents, the talents I just selected for the last build are reset again!

If you have a specific sequence of events that causes the issue, that could help me track it down.

I’d have to check, but it may be the case that if you change the talents, then don’t follow up with running an optimization… it may not save the talent/settings changes.

Heres some specific things that cause it:

Importing a new string

Running a best in bags sim

Clicking on a different build tab after sim is ran

The way i’ve been getting around this and getting accurate sims like I used to is every single time I import a new string, I have to go click on the right talents for every build individually since several will have been reset every time. I start from top to bottom, and after i’ve reset the talents on Havoc M+, my lowest priority tab, I run the Best in Bags sim from that tab (Havoc M+). From there, I export the string for the addon without changing the tab, because if I change the tab, AMR site will reload for about 30 seconds and change the sims results as the talents have been reset across the board.

On vengeance, the talents always resets to my M+ talent build. Every time I reclick my raid or Last resort builds, they are reset to my M+ talents. Every time I click on my Havoc builds in Best in Bags, the talents have reset to my Havoc Raid talents. Ie, Havoc M+ sets itself to Havoc raid talent build, every time I click off its tab in Best in Bags.

Still not resolved. Still have to recheck all my talent setups in best of bag, and never click of a tab once the sim is ran

That’s strange… I’m not quite sure how this is happening.

Try the following just to help narrow down the issue:

  1. Don’t use the Loadouts picker at the bottom of the talent tree on Best in Bags, instead…

  2. For your top Best in Bags setup, click Edit Talents, then when the window opens, click Reset All.

  3. Then either use the “Use Last Imported Talents” button or manually choose the correct talents for that setup. Do not use the Loadouts picker, it should be empty with nothing selected.

  4. Then press Find Best in Bags to optimize. This will ensure that your changes are saved to the server.

  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for all of your Best in Bags setups in order from top to bottom.

After doing that, try importing new data from the addon again – your talents should be the same on every setup after importing as they were before you imported.

Let me know if that works as expected, and we can go from there.