Burning Crusade!

Just in case you missed it, I wanted to just kinda, I dunno, start a dialogue about BC? I know it’s a ways off (still got 2 phases to go, after all!) but I’m definitely excited for a BC Classic.

I’m betting that, assuming AMR Classic was worth the effort, that you’ll be working on a AMR BC Classic? I would personally drop another $10 to see that happen, especially if you prep going into BC and have it ready for Phase 1.

Plus, you kinda have to do it. I mean, Burning Crusade is the only content Mr. Robot hasn’t optimized anything for! You can’t leave it hanging!

(Just adding it in case you guys missed the news, a few weeks ago or so, Blizzard emailed people with a survey asking a ton of questions as to how they should approach moving towards a Classic Burning Crusade, more or less confirming Classic BC over a Classic+ approach.)

Given the popularity of Classic, it’s very likely that we’ll also do Burning Crusade when it comes out.

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But what about the PTSD that we might incur? BC was when we played WoW obsessively and ran a high-end raiding guild.

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