Calculating best pieces for corruption

With Blizzard adding a corruption vendor, could you guys add a way to determine the best pieces to corrupt and cleanse while maintaining a certain amount of overall corruption? I know most of this is already in, but they are all kinda separated at the moment.


We are considering how we could help people decide how to spend their currency for picking specific corruption effects. As you can imagine, there are a lot of potential options, so it’s not straight forward to figure out.

I’d second this request for this in the upgrade finder. With the absurd number of options this makes available, us simpletons have got to lean on you smart people and your trusty pet robot to tell us what to do. :slight_smile:

The first choice – which corruption effect to purchase – you can use the Upgrade Finder to figure out already with the corruption effect search.

We’re considering what would be a good way to suggest which item you should apply that effect to…

Does anybody know if you can overwrite the corruption effect of a currently corrupted item with the new one? I haven’t had a chance to buy one of these and try it out yet.

Objects cleaned before maintenance cannot be corrupted, objects cleaned after maintenance can be corrupted. sorry my english

You can overwrite a current corruption if you cleansed it after this week reset and apply the new one. But you can’t (yet) apply the corruption to an item you cleansed previously to this week reset.

Does the corruption upgrade finder takes into account the corruption max set for the spec?

It would be more intuitive if the upgrade finder gave you combinations of corruptions on X cloak resistance. For example, is it better to stack several Gushing Wounds (that is miles ahead better dps per corruption than others, at least until it gets the -35% damage nerf next week) or some other combination.

Or for a hunter, is it better to get a combination of Severe III/II/I, Honed Mind, TD, etc, etc?

Yeah that would be cool… but the number of combinations is quite large. I’d have to calculate it out, but it could easily get up into the ballpark of 100,000 or more.

Perhaps a way to keep the combination count down would be to limit the logic apoc2k mentions to simply 1 piece. Just tell me, based on my current gear set, what one corruption I should add to which single piece of gear in my bags… and what that means I might need to remove in order to stay under my Corruption budget. For instance:

Add Gushing Wounds II to Bracers of Awesomness, which will force replacing Gloves of Punching (with Severe I) with uncorrupted Gloves of Slapping.

Then I can do that, and rerun BiB for the next suggestion. Then when there are no more upgrades available, it can display as much just like the cleansing UI. For further reduction in combinations, allow users to select which corruptions should be calculated (especially since only certain corruptions are available for purchase at any given time… simming for unavailable corruptions is certainly lower priority).

I’d be willing to go even simpler. Assuming I have a specific corruption in mind, just tell me to which piece of equipment would it be best to apply it, taking into account the net affect gaining that equipment+new-corruption would have on my overall gear set.


This. Infinite Stars just turned up, and I want to see the hypothetical of which 460+ item I’m best off applying it to, and what I’d need to cleanse as a result to stay under corruption cap.

I’m even willing to throw the corruption into my bag so that the addon doesn’t even need to know what corruptions are on the vendor, only what I have in my bags ready to apply (and I can refund it if I don’t want it after all)

Another simple-ish approach might be to add an option to the optimizer to ignore corruption. That way, I could pick out a base gear set and then use the upgrade finder’s “corrupted effects” section to figure out what corruptions to add to that gear set. At least that helps answer the long-term question of “Where do I want to end up?”, even if it doesn’t address the short-term question of, “How do I get there?”


We’re working on a couple ideas for helping out with the preserved contaminants. We should have something that people can try out this week.

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