Can AMR publish its own "theoretical" tier lists?

I am familiar with part of AMR decision-makers’ philosophy in encouraging experimentation, playing what’s fun, and emphasizing that sometimes numbers aren’t supporting the community’s lack of interest in certain talent choices, for example.

And I want to draw your attention to the fact that “what’s fun” is not always about the emotional feel of playing a class. For example, no matter how much a DPS class “feels” fun for me, if I cannot produce impressive damage numbers with it, I’d never play it and never fully find it fun. Being a competitive person, part of the “fun” for me when playing a DPS class is to produce impressive damage, while not neglecting any necessary utility expected of me. This doesn’t mean that I’ll pick a boring-for-me class to be number 1 on the damage meter, no, but it does mean that I’ll definitely pick a slightly less fun class to be in the top 3, 5, 10 if the most “fun” class for me is never going to be that competitive in terms of damage output.

Secondly, I’m also fully aware that the “theoretical” damage output or potential of a class almost never matches the actual or practical output, because humans aren’t machines. However, I believe that when the tool a human uses has a higher potential, then the human’s potential should also be higher with the correct application of the tool.

So, with all that in mind, I’d like to know what AMR’s numbers say about the theoretical damage output of classes with every new patch or changes in the game. If you can add similar theoretical tiers for healing and tank tufness, that would be amazing, of course. And just like Icy Veins includes a big warning in red color about the tier constantly evolving and they emphasize that it is more important to pick a good player over a “meta” class, AMR can also include a warning that theoretical numbers never really match actual numbers because raiding is extremely dynamic and humans aren’t machines, and that those tier lists and theoretical numbers are just there as a reference for anyone curious about the potential of classes in a current patch.

It would also be great if you include the talents used for each class to produce those theoretical numbers, especially when those talents aren’t the “default” ones recommended by other guides and commonly used by community members.

Someone may argue that AMR’s current spec guides may provide something like that but that’s not the case, because we can only see those numbers for our own characters, the vast majority of which won’t have that many BiS pieces. More importantly, I’d like to know these numbers before I invest time in any class to give it BiS pieces and raise its iLvl. I’d like to know which classes have the highest potential with the best gear available for them in the game.