Can I add a PVP spec and talents so I can use the addon to swap?

I love AMR (premium user!). I’d love to be able to add in my pvp spec, talents, and gear, so I can easily use the one-click swap in the addon. I know AMR doesn’t work as well for pvp specs so I wonder if I can do this manually somehow.

I’ve been trying to mess with the Custimzation options in order for AMR to choose my pvp set for me. I doubt this will ever be the case, though, due to the way pvp gear scales ilevel in pvp instances.

Any recommendations?

Edit: I think I figured it out. Duh…

Basically, I just locked all the pvp gear. Maybe not the most ideal way to do it since I’m losing out on a lot of features but it works.

Yeah you can certainly make a “manual” set of gear by locking everything. Unfortunately we probably won’t be supporting PvP optimizations though – we have focused exclusively on PvE with our website.

Makes sense. I think one way to do it would be to have a pvp toggle, which uses the scaled ilevel. This would essentially mean your pvp gear would always get selected because it’s likely going to be much higher ilevel (and if not, it’s probably way worse than your pve anyway).

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I don’t PVP much but I do like the idea of having the pvp toggle, which uses the scaled item level. Is that something that’s particularly hard to do? I wouldn’t really need anything else besides that, I think.

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