Can I use the "damage" gearing strategy instead of "healing" on my holy paladin


I am trying to create a strange holy paladin build that focuses on damage dealing. When using the “best in bags” option I am only able to optimize for healing. Am I able to instead use the damage strategy to see what items will be best for my caster paladin? If not, is there another way I can find out the best items for casting damage spells?

Sounds like an idea for a feature like Tanks have… add a slider that runs between Healing & Damage.

What would you be using mainly to do damage? Seal of Righteousness? You’d probably get recommendations you are looking for if you set it to protection paladin with the slider to all damage. Pick the talents you want and optimize.

Yes, That would be Ideal.

Seal of Righteousness, A lot of Judgment, Consecration and then later on Holy Shock and Hammer of Wrath.
I’m also unsure how +spell damage affects my seals and other spells.