Can Mr Robot help me decide which legendaries to upgrade to 1000 first?

I have a bunch of legendaries, how do I decide which is the best one to upgrade first? Either equipped or in my bags? I have 9 of them, so I’m not sure where to start.
Thanks, Akirad

One way is to go into the filters and options, and set your legendary level to 1000. Then run Best in Bags. It will do so with all of your legendaries set to ilvl 1000. This will let you know, with your current gear, which ilvl 1000 legendaries will give the best results.

Thanks, but just tried and that and it did not work. Still assumes all my legendaries are 970.

Did I miss something?

hmm… it should work, I’ll give it a try and see what’s up.

I see the problem – I’ll fix that in our next update and it should work as described in my first post.

Thanks - will be very useful!

If this change has been implemented, it appears to still be displaying the legendary item in question as iLevel 970. This actually would explain a bug I was about to report (i.e., the export string does not recognize one of my legendaries when I import into the game).

I have an update for later tonight that should have this change in it as well. It’s taking a bit longer than desired to finishing calculating… but it should be done before I go to sleep.

That’s an interesting way to go about it. I’ve just been using the Legendary filter in the Upgrade Finder and looking at what legendarily is at the top and working my way down from there.

Best in Bags will give you a better answer for legendaries usually, because it will try your legendaries with every combination of gear in your bags. The upgrade finder does a faster approximation because it has to rank thousands of item variants all at once.