Can Mrrobot compare 2H weapon with 1H and Oh without item being in my bag?

Sometimes the reward of a quest is 2H and i am using 1h+oh and can not see if the 2h option is better or not without looting and adding it to my bag and copy paste to website. Is there a way to compare items on the web as if the item is in my inventory?

There is an “Add to bag” option in the Upgrade Finder… it allows you to do exactly that.

Ohh thanks a lot for the tip

I dont know why but i can not add ant item to my bag. I mean i press add item then i write the item name but no item can be found or selected. Any suggestion? I selected slot and game version from right but nothing happens again.

If you can do this for the character in question, I’ll see if I can help further:

Next to the big section titles of the optimizer features (“Best in Bags”, “Upgrade Finder”, etc.) there is a “help” link in green.

Short Version: you will get much faster support if you press the “help” link next to whatever feature you need help with, then click Create Support Post, then copy the generated 32-character snapshot ID into your post with a description of your issue. Nine times out of ten if you don’t do this, we’ll have to ask you for the snapshot anyway before we can help you.

Below are detailed descriptions of all the features of the help window.

Create Support Post

When you open the window, you will see a button that says Create Support Post. Press this button to get started. This will store a snapshot in our database of the exact state of your character, inventory, and all of your custom settings.

After pressing the button, you will see a 32-digit “snapshot” ID in the window, and some instructions about how to post it on this forum to get help. With this “snapshot” ID, anyone can load your character exactly as you are seeing it and help you out.