Can the Stat change that took affect on weapons a couple days ago please be updated

The weapons in the raid had their stats changed and it has not been updated on AMR at all yet and it is showing the wrong weapon as BiS for me atm which will change other gear I’m supposed to wear as well. please update the weapons

Could you give me an example of an item showing the wrong stats? I did an update a couple days ago where a bunch of item stats changed, and I confirmed that what I was seeing from the extracted game data matched the dungeon journal in-game. If you give me a few examples I can try extracting hotfixes and comparing in-game again.

Failure Disposal Cannon is the gun in game dropped by "The Vigilant Steward, Zskarn. They changed the stats on it and a bunch of other weapons a few days back and AMR is still showing it as being Haste Mastery where as it is actually Mastery Vers now. so it is throwing off my BiS list

Thanks – I guess that the item data update didn’t get pushed to the live site. We’ll do that sometime later today.