Canceling a sim

I feel like this was discussed a long time ago in discord, but I can’t remember the upshot. At any rate, I started a 2m setup sim, which was obviously a mistake. The client ended up crashing and I had a few troubles with that, but deleting and installing 1086 fixed it. The problem is the client is still running that sim, and I can’t cancel it. Every time I cancel and exit, upon restart it initializes the sim a whole 2 chunks forward. I’m now on chunk 336, and naturally I don’t have the desire to keep canceling over and over and over and over until it finally advances all the way through the remaining chunks. Am I doing something wrong here, or do I just need to have you clear it on your end?

Go to the simulator client page:

There is a button on that page with instructions on how to clear your queue.

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