Cancelling a Simulation

How do I cancel a V2 simulation?
I tried both the Clear Queue option, and also just an Exit of my Client. However in both cases upon restarting it resumed the simulation.

Reason I’m asking is I started a simulation under the wrong version - wanted to run a 7.2.5 Simulation and misclicked which version before hitting the Simulate button.
I’ve queue up the correct simulation - but without a way to cancel the existing one, I’ll have to wait the 3 odd hours for it to run.

Yeah someone else reported that the cancel option was not working – on my list of things to check out.

It seemed to run the next block or two, then cancel.

Unless someone did something on your end.

Yeah – I think I found a problem with it. Next update should more reliably clear all work, for real this time. Really.


This issue is back , am unable to cancel sims and it is running till it finishes.

You’ve replied to a thread over a year old, things have changed a bit since then.

If you navigate to the page you downloaded the client from there’s a Clear Your Queue option there, it’s on the right of the page. Follow the instructions.

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