Cannot reset AMR scale

Hi, I changed AMR scale on my screen from 1.0 to 1,5 because I was having issues with seeing some text that was a bit small for my older eyes… however, changing the scale of the addon has taken the top portion of the addon off the top of my screen and I cant see it to access the settings and revert it back to 1.0 so I can move the addon further down the screen so when I pop it back to 1,5 I still get the whole addon on screen. I tried typing ‘/amr’ and ‘/amr settings’ as well as ‘/amr options’ but nothing happens and I am now stuck not being able to see roughly the top half of the addon, are you able to help… Thank you in anticipation :smile:

If you mean for the in-game add-on, try /amr reset.

Thanks very much that worked, not sure how though, I would have tried that before posting, maybe I am getting that old now the memory is on its way out, lol, Thanks again.