Cannot use addon to import BIS

when opening the addon in game it isnt working right.
Things to note:

  1. i have no other addons active.
  2. i have all my drivers current.
  3. I have reinstalled the addon using curse reinstall feature.
  4. i have manually deleted the folder in addons and reinstalled manually
  5. i have used this feature for years without problems.
  6. enclosed snapshot of how the addon looks when i open it up

Could you try installing these 2 addons for capturing lua errors, and try it again? If you get an error, the minimap icon for bugsack will turn red, click it to show a list of errors that you can copy and paste here.

I wasn’t aware that Best in SLOT could be exported…??

@shamiog - if you mean Best in BAGS, that’s a totally different issue that @yellowfive should be able to resolve.

Unfortunately i am not seeing any errors, yet i cannot move the gui around on the screen either(not sure if i should be able)

yes i mean BiB sorry for your confusion

Try typing this in your chat window and hit enter:

/amr reset

That should reset the size and position of the window (and a few other things on the options page, so be sure to check that after running reset).

thank you that worked! so glad to be able to use your addon again!