Cant Clear Queue or start any new simulations. Glonet servers not showing either

I have attempted to clear the queue many times, and I have also attempted to just run new simulations, but to no progress.

Also, all 3 servers I have connected to the service will record as glonet servers online but show workers enabled on the server client.

I’ll take a look at it – seems one of the servers stalled in our site update yesterday. It should catch up in about 30 minutes.

I checked it first thing this morning and the same issue is persisting. the 2nd in my queue continues to say in progress, the rest are queued, but no work is being done. If it’s an easy fix, you can simply delete the queue from my account to reset it.

If you exit all of your clients and use the site to clear the queue, it runs the exact same code that I would run to clear your queue.

One thing you could try: first clear your queue of work, then wait a few minutes… say, 15 minutes or so. Then start up just one of your clients, and submit a quick simulation. Keep an eye on the console window for that client – did it run the simulation?

Then close that client, and do it for each of your machines on which you are running clients. Is each machine able to run a single simulation without any trouble?

Then repeat this test but with a short batch simulation, e.g. give it about 150 simulations, but set the error target very high, set it to “quick run”, and use a DPS spec. That will be enough that it has to create multiple batches, but it should still finish pretty quickly. Do all of those finish on each machine without any trouble?

After that, try starting up all of your clients, and then submit a single simulation, see if it works. Then do the short batch again, see if it works.

Hopefully that information can help narrow down the issue.

Ive gotten back in after letting it sit for a few days, it is now processing again. Not sure what happened, but im able to simulate again