Can't create new Setup

Last night on my laptop, I deleted two gear setups so I could create new ones. However, when I tried to make a new one, I got the message “Too many Setups”. I used CTRL-F5 in firefox to try to refresh the site and cache but got the same results.

Today on my desktop computer (different browser and cache) I am getting the same message. I should be able to have 7 (druid’s 4 + 3) and I currently show only 5.


What should I do to create more?

On a tangent, the game allows 10 saved gear sets and I use all of them. Wish I could save 10 in AMR, too.

My best guess is somehow two different setups got the same internal ID, so even when deleted, it looks like it’s taking up a slot. We could delete the profile for that character on our servers, but that’s the nuclear option. You would have to recreate the setups for that character again. Let me know if you want to give that a shot, or wait for us to troubleshoot more this week to figure something out.

Hi Zoopercat! Thanks for the response. If you want to troubleshoot and find it, I’ll wait. If you want to move on to more interesting things, nuke it. I’m fine either way at this point. :slight_smile:

On Tuesday, could you nuke my profile? It’s the day I go through all my setups.

I have reset the profile for this character – let us know if you encounter any further issues.

My best guess as to what happened is maybe some conflicting changes were submitted from two separate browsers with data cached. If you make a change to your character from one browser/computer, make sure to refresh the web page before making changes in another browser.

I initially couldn’t create a fifth. Now I can’t create a 7th. This is with one computer open.

Which setup are you trying to create - another one for Feral/Guardian/Balance or one for Restoration?

You should be able to create a new setup for Restoration as you don’t have one for that spec, but as you already have 3 additional specs for Feral you can’t add another setup for one of your already existing specs.

I am under the impression that the spec doesn’t matter. I had 4 feral spec setups prior to deleting some, it reads to me as the cap is on total number of setups (not specs), and the message that another setup can’t be created is prior to designating a spec.

I did as asked on twitter to create a new account and see if I could create multiple setups. I created an account named Testzoo and used a different browser. I created 3 feral setups and 2 guardian ones but get the message that I have too many when I try to create setup #6.

Ctrl-F5 refreshed the page, it lost one of the guardian setups. I re-created it (back up to 5 sets) and tried to make #6, got the error again. Just to see, I logged into game, went to balance spec and gear, came back to the page, hard refreshed it again. The 5 sets were there. I tried to create set #6 but it failed; having balance BiB in the clipboard didn’t make a difference.

asashdor has it right:

You can make 1 setup for each of your specs, and then up to 3 additional setups for any spec. That could be 3 feral setups, 2 feral and 1 balance, etc.

You cannot make e.g. 7 feral setups and none for your other specs, or as in your screenshot, you can’t make 4 feral and 2 balance (then you would have 4 “extra” setups: 3 feral and 1 balance).

I’m confused as to how that would work since it doesn’t ask for a spec between when I click “Add a New Setup” and when it gives the error message but okay. How does it know I’m not creating one for resto next?

Here’s what I just did.

  1. Open AMR. It has 5 setups on the left. Three for feral, 2 for guardian.
  2. In the game, swap to balance spec and gear, get BiB string.
  3. In AMR, click “Add a New Setup”, get the message for too many setups.
  4. Click “Import from addon”.

Oh my gosh, it created a balance setup! Perhaps I am using the interface incorrectly/unexpectedly by clicking “add a new setup” instead of importing a new string?

I think that’s what it is. I didn’t understand the spec restriction and I used the interface in a different way. When this all started, I deleted my balance and resto setups because I wanted more feral slots. I never used those two and with 4 major PvE variables, and PvP, I wanted more than 4 feral setups. Shadowlands will fix that, though. Thanks for working me through this.

As far as I know the first setup per spec will be created when loading an addon string created while being in that spec or by clicking that spec’s icon on the top menu. After that, each new setup you create will be for the same spec as the previously selected setup.

Personally, I’m in a similar situation as I generally don’t play every spec (i.e. currently only Blood and Unholy on my DK, or Feral, Balance and occasionally Resto on my druid) and tend to run into that limit every now and then. It’d be great to have a bit more flexibility there but I totally understand why it’s designed the way it is so i’ll try to work with what we’re given. :smiley:

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Yeah more setups would be great – on the list for the future. But it’s a bit of a performance issue (and usability issue) once you get a lot of sets, so we would need to make user experience changes. We have some ideas for how to do that, but other things are higher in the feature list right now.

Right now we always reserve “room” for 1 setup for each spec even if you aren’t using it because we auto-create a setup the first time you activate a spec. Makes life easy to do it that way for now.

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