Can't get askmrrobot in tbc

Just wondering how to use amr in tbc as I can’t get the addon from curse into tbc. It’s in classic and retail, but unable to get in tbc…how do I get it to work for tbc?

The same add-on should work for classic and tbc. You can download it directly from our website too.

i have downloaded the add on manually and put it into the addon/interace folder and it still dosent show up on my ui in game…??

Try /amr reset - sometimes it can get moved off the screen or to some weird place.

thank you!! its working now :slight_smile:

I have the same problem. No other addons loaded and AMR is not showing up, not even after doing /amr reset. TBC Classic client using addon version 6 (TBC). I have removed all settings and reinstalled to no avail.

Do you see AskMrRobot in your list of addons when you click the “addons” button at the lower-left of the screen before you enter the world with your character? (I know this is a “is the computer plugged in” kind of thing, but it never hurts to check, sometimes people install the addon into the wrong folder for the wrong version of WoW.)

If it’s there and enabled/checked, then when you are in-game, try doing /amr show – does that show the window?