Can't Get Filter for Upgrade Finder to Work

I’ve set my fliters to only show LFR gear (just came back to the game, no guild yet). I can only get the upgrade finder to show me upgrades for every raid and difficulty (including unreleased content). Is there a setting that I’m missing? Tyvm.

Can you post a screenshot of your filters? I’m wondering if one of the ‘world boss’ filters or something is letting them through.

There is a little bug I’m fixing later today where changing filters sometimes isn’t causing the list to update – a cached version of your filters is being used.

In the meantime, you can change e.g. the minimum item level option to something different (doesn’t matter what it is… set it to 850, then to 851, and then change it back, etc…) – this will force it to update until we do the patch later tonight.