Can't get Mrrobot client to work

I just downloaded the newest version of the Client, but when i ask me which performance setting i would like to use, nothing happens… Any solutions? :slight_smile:

The client is for the simulator. You just turn the client on, and it runs on your computer as the workhorse for your simulations. You then go to our web-based simulator and use it as normal:

Any simulation you set up will be sent to your computer and run on your client.

We did it like this for a few reasons: firstly, you get the benefit of a nice web UI, and secondly, you can run an unlimited number of simulations for free because they are running on your own computer.

If you aren’t actually trying to do simulations, then you don’t need the client.

Yes i know all this, but when i wanna do a simulation and open my client, and i have to select a performance setting, i can’t choose anything, and the simulation (in the browser) comes with an error: Error
The specified simulation could take a long time to run.

Please start or download the client program to run it on your own computer.

<-- Eventhough the client is open

When it asks you to choose a performance setting, use the up and down arrow keys to choose an option, and press Enter. Does it then go on from there?

Yup, thanks for the help :wink: