Can't get to addon import

I’m trying to do BiB but it doesn’t have anywhere to import my data. I see it (the import window) while moving around in the app but it’s like it skips over it. Any ideas?
When I click on Optimize it goes past the import page directly to my options page.(BiB, Check Gear etc).

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Same here! I was able to import once, but I can’t get back to the import window again – I only see it for a second as the app skips over it.

OK, I see now. Left click on your character name.

I didn’t see this one coming, I have to admit. I use the site too much sometimes to see it with fresh eyes. I bet a lot of people are a bit confused too. We’ll add a help overlay or something in to let people know how to do it.

Sorry about that, and thanks for posting. This helps us refine the user experience.

Thanks – both for this and for the great app/site!