Can't lock soulbind and re-optimize?

Not sure if I’m doing it wrong, but I can’t seem to lock in a different soulbind than the one I have equipped and have AMR re-optimize Best in Bags around it. Here’s my support ID: ad1056ad3ec4441492c27081b3dab7ac.

I’ll take a look… something isn’t quite working with the soulbind locking.

In general though, to lock in a soulbind and let the optimizer pick the nodes, you usually have to pick at least the top node. Then the optimizer will fill in the rest of the tree.

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I just posted an update that should resolve this. You should also be able to e.g. just choose Dreamweaver (with no nodes chosen), press Lock Path, and it will fill the entire tree for you.

You may need to re-import your character and/or refresh the page for the change to go into effect.

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Thank you so much, works like a charm!

I have another AMR soulbind-related question… I noticed for my Guardian Druid spec (which is not customized AFAIK), it seems to recommend [Flash of Clarity] as my Potency Conduit, which is strange because AFAIK the passive that the conduit affects (Clearcasting) is not available to Guardian Druids. Possible bug? Snapshot ID: 0a62b36fd1a54089b39f22a456eec645

Generally speaking, AMR does not change limited “things” for lower priority setups (i.e. gems or enchants, but also conduits) because that could either end up prohibitively expensive (e.g. re-enchanting every time) or outright impossible (e.g. without Conduit Energy). With Guardian being your lowest priority setup, your soulbinds will be optimized for more important specs - currently using Dreamweaver for setup #1 and Niya for setup #2.

If you want AMR to respec your conduits you can just tick the “Allow Conduit Respec?” checkbox during setup, as has been explained here.

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