Can't login while using Chrome

Can’t use the website while using Chrome. keep giving this error

This page isn’t working

If the problem continues, contact the site owner.


I’m using Chrome and it works fine for me. What happen if you do a hard refresh (Ctrl+F5) on the page?

Same error with the hard refresh

This isn’t a problem with Chrome in general - as many of us are using chrome with the site no problem.

I think that error means that for some reason you cannot connect to our server. You don’t have the problem when using another browser?

400 error usually means that the server didn’t have an error, but it was sent a bad request from your browser (for which there could be many reasons).

When do you get this error? When you try to log in do you get the error right after pressing the button to log in?

Yeah, I get it as soon as I click login. Works in Edge/IE whatever you want to call it now, but not chrome.

Do you have any problems with Firefox? If it’s just chrome… do you have any addons that might be causing an issue?

It was an addon issue. Whitelisting on adblock fixed it.