Can't see options for 13/13 valor items in BIS lists

snapshotId: bd273095e9cd41af8b0b40946f0abeb5

Hi i can’t find a way to have in BIS calculator and bis lists items with 13/13 valor upgrade. I can only simulate mythic 20 (10/13 upgrade which is 405 ilvl) or vault items (which are 421 ilvl). It would be nice to have in bis lists the possibility to set the upgrade level like in crafted gear.

Thx in advance

If you set it to Mythic 16 Vault, that is the same ilvl as 13/13 valor upgrades (415). That should cover most cases except maybe an upgraded set item converted with the catalyst. You can manually choose any ilvl version of those items now… but maybe we could add a way for BiS to automatically upgrade them too.